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Unformatted text preview: 14B Assignments Due date Assignments are due the Monday after the chapter is finished in class. Place your assignment on your TA’s pile, located at the front desk, BEFORE the lecture starts. Assignments will be put away 5 minutes after the lecture starts. Assignments finished in class will NOT be accepted. Late assignments are NOT accepted for any reason. The marking scheme gives 5 extra points to make up for some of the lost points. Format All assignments should be written in ink. Print your last name, then your name, on the top right corner of the page. Print the name of your TA and the chapter number at the top left of the page. Staple all the pages. No credit will be given for loose papers. Write the question AND the answer to the problem and show all work to receive full credit. If the question is long, write enough so any reader can know what the problem is about. e.g problem 6.1 reads " Classify the following systems as open closed or isolated” You can write: “6.1 Types of systems; a) coffee in a high quality thermos bottle. Isolated”. closed or isolated” You can write: “6....
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