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CourseDescription - CHEM 14B Dr Beatriz E Ruiz Silva Summer...

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CHEM. 14B Dr. Beatriz E. Ruiz Silva Summer 2010 Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Kinetics and Organic Chemistry Enforced Prerequisite: Chem 14A with a grade of C- or better. Enforced co-requisite: Math 3A or 31A Contact the Instructor E-mail: [email protected] VOH: http://vohweb.chem.ucla.edu/voh/ Please send class questions to: voh and personal matters to: [email protected] Class Schedule MWF 9:00A - 10:50A WG Young CS24 Discussion: Students should attend the discussion session in which they are enrolled. In order to switch it is necessary to obtain permission form the TAs ID/Section Day/time Location TA and e-mail 142043130 DIS 1A TR 10:00A-10:50A WG Young-1044 YenTing, Janie, Chen [email protected] 142043230 DIS 1B TR 10:00A-10:50A BOELTER-5252 Yue, Jessica, Wang [email protected] 142043330 DIS 1C TR 9:00A-9:50A WG Young-1044 YenTing, Janie, Chen [email protected] 142043430 DIS 1D TR 9:00A-9:50A BOELTER-5252 Yue, Jessica, Wang [email protected] Office Hours: Students can attend any office hours Day/time Location TA and e-mail Th 1:00P-3:00P TBA Janie [email protected]
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