Alderson (1948) Marketing Theory

Alderson (1948) Marketing Theory - Chapter 3 TOWARDS A...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3 TOWARDS A THEORY OF MARKETING ∗ Wroe Alderson Alderson and Sessions, Inc. Reavis Cox University of Pennsylvania EDITOR’S NOTE 1 : The authors explain the need for the development of market- ing theory and indicate some of the sources from which such a body of knowledge will come as well as some of the directions that further work along these lines might take. The editors invite comments and papers concerning the views ex- pressed by the authors, gaps in existing theory not mentioned by them, possible additional areas upon which theory may draw and the proper organization of marketing theory into an integrated whole. 1. The Lively Interest in Marketing Theory Conspicuous in the professional study of marketing in recent years has been a lively and growing interest in the theory of marketing, i.e., the general or abstract principles underlying the body of facts which comprise this field. Perhaps the best overt evidence of this interest lies in the enthusiasm with which members of the American Marketing Association and its chapters respond to invitations that they attend meetings or prepare papers concerned with theoretical topics. This interest in theory seems to have arisen spontaneously and independently in a number of places at the same time. Courses in marketing theory are now being given in several universities. The- ory is assuming increasing prominence in books and articles written by men whose primary background is in marketing. Theory of marketing was empha- sized initially in the establishment of the Parlin Memorial Lecture. Sections on theory have been regularly scheduled at the national conferences of the associa- tions beginning with the Pittsburgh meeting in 1946. The Philadelphia chapter ∗ Originally appeared in Journal of Marketing , (1948), XIII(October Number 2) pages 137-152. 1 Note from the editors of the Journal of Marketing. 40 ALDERSONIAN MARKETING THOUGHT of the American Marketing Association has held monthly luncheon meetings on this subject for the past two years. The Board of Directors of the associ- ation has approved the idea that the association establish an annual award in the theory of marketing. A symposium on the theory of marketing is now in preparation which is to be published as a special supplement to the Journal of Marketing . The interest in theory expressed at one place or another and in one way or another by both the academic men and the practitioners of commercial research is real and substantial enough to merit careful attention. The time seems ripe to evaluate its significance — i.e., to determine as precisely as possible the nature of the interest, to survey the reasons for its appearance, and to consider the sort of intellectual discipline into which it is likely to mould the study of marketing if, as seems probable, it continues to grow in depth and scope during the years immediately ahead....
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Alderson (1948) Marketing Theory - Chapter 3 TOWARDS A...

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