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narrowing topic for expository essay - depression and found...

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The topic that I chose was the impact of violence in the media. Selecting a topic for the expository essay I think takes a huge amount of time and consideration. The steps I took for narrowing my topic for my expository essay were looking at the other topic from the list provided. I pulled up information on some of the topic and found that they had a broad range of information provided. Example I looked at psychological disorders. Pulled up
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Unformatted text preview: depression and found that there were several different types of depression. So I went to the university library and keyed in media violence and came up with 1274 topic and from there I picked 6 of the 1274 topic and read each one I thought could give me some information that I didn’t know about media violence. This is how I came across the impact of media violence on children....
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