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The writing process that I have used and the writing process of this class differ a little I think. In this class I think you have to elaborate more, brainstorm more, but you have more technology tool to use to do your research on like the university library online. You do not have to actually go to the library. Normally when writing you should find the topic you want to write about and then gather your thought and place them on paper by brainstorming coming up with the main idea, the body, thesis, introduction and the conclusion. Once you got all the information down you needs to put it in some kind of structure and review it to eliminate the kinks. You can then start to write your paper. When I was in high school all you had to do was write a rough draft and
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Unformatted text preview: maybe let someone else read it turn it in to the teacher and the teacher would make correction and give it back to you and you rewrite the correct paper and turn it in for a grade. The writing step that is easy for me was coming up with the topic. I think the most challenging part is writing the draft and brainstorming because I think your thought process goes out of control, you so much to think about. To overcome this octal I would need to stop getting nervous about writing an essay which I think throws my thought ability and also try to work out my errors by revising my paper and let someone else proof read it....
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