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Web Source Evaluation 1. What is your expository essay topic? _Celebrity Crime and the effects of popularity at the time of the crime________________________________________ 2. Provide the URL of the Web site: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A52941- 2004Sep1.html 3. Provide the name of Web site: ________Washington post 4. Primary use: Educational Commercial Other 5. What is the purpose or goal of this Web site? ___To bring the news to the general public_________________________________________ 6. What organization or individual created this site? The Washington post ___________________ 7. Does this organization or individual have affiliations that might create a built-in bias toward the information? Explain your answer. No they do not built in bias this is a newspaper online that has a lot of respect for printing accurate news What other references are cited for the information presented? _There are other links to other
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Unformatted text preview: areas of the Washington post concerning this topic_ 8. What other types of organizations are linked to this site? (Using the Google search engine, type link: and the Web site address [for example, link:www.Website.com].) According to google there are no other links on this site 9. Who is the author of the page? Does that person have valid credentials to present this information? Explain your answer. T.R. Reid is the author of this article and has the title as a staff writer for the Washington post. 10. Can you provide feedback on the Web site and create an exchange with the author or Web site manager? I do not see anywhere to be able to do this 11. When was the material on the Web site copyrighted? __2004___________ When was the material updated? _Does not say_________ 12. How helpful is this site to you? Does it have the information you need? Explain your answers. This site has a lot of information concerning this case. It. .....
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