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Documenting Sources - starts to play with them they can act...

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The Impact of Media Violence on Children Media violence causes children to act out in violent ways Supporting Point- Violent Music Videos with explicit lyrics According to Stone (2009) “And listening to explicit lyrics - easier than ever to access through downloading - can impact schoolwork, social interactions, mood and behaviour, the group says.” (para2) The quotation I wrote helps support my first point because it talks about what type of media violence influences children such as music videos and their profanity in the lyrics. You can see some of the reaction children have after listen to music with a lot of profanity in it. Supporting Point- Violent Toys in the media (Erwin & Morton, 2008) found and studied children’s reaction when they were exposed to violent video games. The paraphrase I chose supports my second point because there are numerous types of toys that have an influence on our children behavior such as action figures or play swords and play guns. Once a child
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Unformatted text preview: starts to play with them they can act out in an aggressive way. Supporting Point-Violent Video Games (Browne& Hamilton-Giachritsis 2005) Violent video game has influences on children. It causes Children to play aggressively with other children after playing a violent video or a violent computer game. They tend to act out or portray some of the Character that they played as in the video game My summary supports my point because it tells you how kids react after being exposed to violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat. These games include car- jacking and killing, which are both crimes. Some kids will probably think it is ok to car jack someone since a game was made about car- jacking. Or the kid can go and find a real gun not knowing the gun is real and shoot a friend on accident since the game they played had shooting in it. Some video games have bad influences on children....
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Documenting Sources - starts to play with them they can act...

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