Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Treatment of Psychological...

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Chapter 15 – Treatment of Psychological Disorders Psychological Treatments - Psychotherapy – To help people change maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns so that they can live happier and more productive lives. - Two elements, relationship and techniques, are import to the success of the treatment enterprise. - Psychiatrists specialize in psychotherapy and biomedical treatments, such as drug therapy. Psychodynamic Therapies - Psychoanalysis o Refers not only to Freud’s theory of personality but also to the specific approach to treatment that he developed o Insight – The conscious awareness of the psychodynamics that underlie their problems. o Free Association – Clients verbally report without censorship any thoughts, feelings, or images that enter their awareness. o Dream Interpretation Psychoanalysts believe that dreams express impulses, fantasies, and wishes that the client’s defenses keep bottled up in the unconscious during waking hours. o Resistance – Defensive maneuvers that hinder the process of therapy. o Transference – Occurs when the client responds irrationally to the analyst as if she or he were an important figure from the client’s past. o Interpretation – Any statement by the therapist that is intended to provide the client with insight into his or her behavior or dynamics. - Brief Psychodynamic and Interpersonal Therapies o Interpersonal Therapy – Focuses almost exclusively on clients’ current relationships with important people in their lives. -
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Treatment of Psychological...

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