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PETER C. LAWRENCE 1051 E. Johnson St., Apartment #1 ● Madison, WI 53703 ● (715) 790-5001 ● [email protected] October 10, 2011 General Information 10200 Bellaire Blvd. Houston, TX 77072 To Whom It May Concern: I am a senior in the chemical and biological engineering program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. After graduating from culinary school in May 2006 and working full-time in the restaurant industry for a few months, I soon had a burning desire for a more challenging job. Working in fast- paced kitchens is very demanding in its own right, but critical thinking and analytical skills are not often called for. While still working as a sauté chef, I decided to take a math and chemistry track at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. After leaving the community college, I decided to major in chemical engineering in order to challenge myself and develop the skills needed to strive for efficiency and sustainability in a wide range of industrial settings. I am very excited at the possibility
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