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Chapter 7 Material - Chapter 7 Process Management...

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Chapter 7: Process Management Value-creation processes (sometimes called core processes) are those most important to “running the business” and maintaining or achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. These processes frequently relate to an organization’s core competencies and strategic objectives. Support processes are those that are most important to an organization’s value- creation processes, employees, and daily operations. They provide infrastructure for value-creation processes but generally do not add value directly to the product or service. Projects are important value creation processes in many organizations. Project management involves all activities associated with planning, scheduling, and controlling projects. Project management is particularly important for Six Sigma, because typical projects generally cut across organizational boundaries and require the coordination of many different departments and functions. Understanding the requirements that processes should meet is vital to designing them. Value creation process requirements usually depend significantly on product and service characteristics. Support process requirements, on the other hand, usually depend on internal requirements, and they must be coordinated and integrated to ensure efficient and effective linkage and performance. Process management involves planning and administering the activities necessary to achieve a high level of performance in key business processes, and identifying opportunities for improving quality and operational performance, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Process owners , are accountable for process performance and have the authority to manage and improve their process. Process management consists of three important activities: design , control , and improvement . To apply the techniques of process management, processes must be (1)
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Chapter 7 Material - Chapter 7 Process Management...

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