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Module1 Handouts

Module1 Handouts - OperationsResearch a.k.a.O.R,...

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8/13/2010 1 IET 4405 Introduction to Operations Research IET 4405 Operations Research a.k.a. O.R., Management Science and Decision Science Originated WWII era to better manage military operations Course Resources Textbook An Introduction to Management Science, Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making by Anderson, Sweeney, Williams and Martin 12 th Edition CD with Management Scientist Software (comes with new book) Study Guide by John D. Loucks (not required but very useful) ISBN:0 324 22292 Simple calculator with basic math/engineering functions Textbook Website Graph paper and ruler
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8/13/2010 2 Basic Topics Formulation of ordinary and integer linear programming models for optimizing business operations Solving LP and ILP models with software and interpreting the solution outputs in practical terms Distribution and network models Waiting line analysis Introduction to simulation Linear and Integer Programming are Relatively New to the IE and BA Toolbox G. Dantzig invented the simplex method to solve linear programming problems only in 1947 Problem Characteristics for OR Methods Complex problems Unprecedented system Unprecedented systems
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Module1 Handouts - OperationsResearch a.k.a.O.R,...

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