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8/13/2010 1 A ship has two cargo holds, one fore and one aft. The fore cargo hold has a weight capacity of 70000 pounds and a volume capacity of 30000 cubic feet. The aft cargo hold has a weight capacity of 90000 pounds and volume capacity of 40000 cubic feet. The ship owner has contracted to carry loads of packaged beef and grain on the ship. The total weight of beef available is 85000 pounds and the total weight of grain available is 100000 pounds. The beef has a volume per unit Optimizing Cargo Shipping weight of 0.2 cubic feet per pound (0.2 ft 3 /lb.) and the volume per unit weight of grain is 0.4 ft 3 /lb. The profit contribution for shipping beef is $0.35/lb. for beef and $0.12/lb. for grain. The ship owner can accept all or part of the available cargo. He wants to know how much beef and grain to accept for shipment to maximize the total contribution to profit. Cargo Profit /lb. Cubic feet per lb. Weight Available (lbs.) Beef $0.35 0.2 85,000 Grain $0.12 0.4 100,000 Optimizing Cargo Shipping Cargo Hold Weight Capacity (lbs.) Volume Capacity (ft 3 ) Fore 70000 30000 AFT 90000 40000 Air Conditioner Product Mix The Quality Air Conditioner company manufactures 3 home air conditioner models: an economy a standard and a deluxe model. The respective profits per unit are $63, $95, and $135. The manufacturer has determined that 50% more
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Module6B Handouts LP Applications -...

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