Module 7 Read Me First

Module 7 Read Me - There are only 17 PowerPoint slides in Module 7 but there are 26 “pages” of lecture including the notebook sheets You will

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Learning Module 7 runs for a total time 56minutes and 22 seconds. The total time is shown on the far right of the “play control” bar at the very bottom of a lecture slide. Also shown is how many minutes you have watched the lecture up until where you are. The play control button allows you to back up or go forward as much as you like. Just click, hold and slide the small white rectangle play control button.
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Unformatted text preview: There are only 17 PowerPoint slides in Module 7 but there are 26 “pages” of lecture, including the notebook sheets. You will see the 17/26 in the lower right corner when you are on the last sheet. You can tell when you have watched an entire lecture when the time counter at the bottom says you have come to the end. for module 7 it will read something like 56.55/56.22....
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