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Module8 Handouts - 8/13/2010 LearningObjectivesNetwork...

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8/13/2010 1 Learning Objectives Network Models Network Representation of LPMs Efficient representation to simplify formulation Network comprises Set of nodes Set of arcs connecting node Set of arcs connecting nodes Functions associated with arcs Shipping costs Capacities Time to do work Distances Network Type Models Flow Transportation minimize shipping cost from set of origins to a set of destinations Capacitated transshipment same as transportation but with intermediate transshipment points Assignment minimize cost of work done by group of people Shortest path find shortest distance through a network Maximum flow find maximum flow of autos, oil etc through a network Connectivity Minimal spanning tree find minimum cost to interconnect a set of network nodes
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8/13/2010 2 Network Representation of LPMs 3 6 1 c 13 c 14 c 15 s 1 c 36 c 37 c 46 d 1 2 4 5 7 c 23 c 24 c 25 c 47 c 56 c 57 d 2 Intermediate Nodes Sources
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Module8 Handouts - 8/13/2010 LearningObjectivesNetwork...

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