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Learning Objectives Module10

Learning Objectives Module10 - 5 See how zero-one integer...

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Learning Module 10: Integer Programming Learning Objectives: 1. Be able to recognize the types of situations where integer linear programming problem formulations are desirable. 2. Know the difference between all-integer and mixed integer linear programming problems. 3. Be able to solve small integer linear programs with a graphical solution procedure. 4. Be able to formulate and solve fixed charge, capital budgeting, distribution system, and product design problems as integer linear programs.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. See how zero-one integer linear variables can be used to handle special situations such as multiple choice, k out of n alternatives, and conditional constraints. 6. Be familiar with the computer solution of Mixed Integer LPs. 7. Understand the following terms: all-integer mutually exclusive constraint mixed integer k out of n alternatives constraint zero-one variables conditional constraint LP relaxation co-requisite constraint multiple choice constraint binary variable...
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