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BIMM 120

BIMM 120 - TA Lei Xu BIMM 120 SP 2011 Email [email protected]

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TA: Lei Xu BIMM 120 SP 2011 Email: [email protected] [email protected] Final Review: 1. Which of these media requires precise, known composition of chemicals? a. Complex media b. Minimal media c. Differential media d. Defined media e. None of the above 2. What are the end products of aerobic respiration? a. Alcohol, water b. Water, carbon dioxide c. Water, organic molecules d. Alcohol, acid e. Water, acid 3. What is the total number of ATP produced after glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation? a. 36 b. 34 c. 38 d. 30 e. 32 4. What is the final electron acceptor in aerobic respiration? a. SO 4 2- b. CO 3 2- c. CO 2 d. O 2 e. H 2 O 5. What are siderophores? a. Used for osmolality regulation b. Uptake reduced carbon for energy sources c. Excreted compounds that chelate ions for transportation into cell d. Pores that can intake or excrete water for floatation purpose e. Excreted emulsifying agents that enhance hydrocarbon availability 6. Which is (are) the characteristic (s) of anaerobic anoxygenic phototrophs? a. 2 photosystems b. Bacteriochlorophyll
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c. Chlorophyll d. A and B e. A and C 7. What is the term designated to describe organisms that use CO 2 as the carbon source, light as energy source and electrons from inorganic compounds? a. Photoorganoautotrophs b. Photolithoheterotrophs c. Chemoorganoautotrophs d. Chemolithoheterotrophs e. Photolithoautotrophs 8. What is denitrification? a. Reduction of NO 3 to N 2 b. Oxidation of N 2 to NO 2 c. Oxidation of NH 3 to NO 2 d. Reduction of NO 2 to NH 3 e. None of the above 9. What is Shewanella oneidensis known to perform? a. Carbon dioxide reduction b. N 2 oxidation c. Nitrogen fixation d. Metal reduction e. B and C 10. What is a characteristic of sulfur reduction?
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BIMM 120 - TA Lei Xu BIMM 120 SP 2011 Email [email protected]

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