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BIMM 120 Homework 1

BIMM 120 Homework 1 - Homework 1 1 What are the four genes...

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Homework 1 1) What are the four genes have you analyzed? Gene1 codes for UDP-N-acetylglucosamine acyltransferase. Gene2 codes for flagellar motor switch protein FliM. Gene3 codes for toxin. Gene4 codes for recombinase A. 2) What is the functional role of these gene products? What do they tell us about this organism? Gene1 codes for a transferase that is invovled in the production of lipopolysaccharides that are present on the cell membrane surface indicating that the organism is gram negative. 1 Gene2 codes for FliM indicating that the organism is able to regulate the direction of flagellar rotation indicating that they organism has flagella and is mobile. 2 Gene3 codes for the production of toxin thus indicating it as a pathogen. 3 Gene4 codes for recA, a bacterial , indicating that the organism is capable of recombination and DNA repair. 4 3) What organism is this (Genus species)? Yersinia pestis 4) What does this organism do and why is it significant?
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