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BIMM 120 Lecture10_ReadingGuide.050311 - Lecture 10...

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Lecture 10 – BIMM120.SP11 LECTURE 10 – May 03, 2011 (BLACK = this lecture / BLUE = different lecture / RED = not covered in lecture ) Chapter 5 – Nutrition, Culture, and Metabolism of Microorganisms (pp.107-113; 114-122) I. Nutrition and Culture 5.1 Microbial Nutrition Nutrition o Macronutrients are nutrients required in large amounts o Micronutrients are nutrients required in small amounts Carbon and Nitrogen o All cells require carbon and most prokaryotes require organic compounds as their source of carbon o Following carbon the next most abundant element in the cell is nitrogen Other Macronutrients: P, S, K, Mg, Ca, Na o Phosphorous is required by the cells for the synthesis of nucleic acids and phospholipids o Sulfur is required for the synthesis of amino acids and vitamins o Many enzymes require potassium for activity o Magnesium functions to stabilize the ribosome o Calcium stabilizes the cell wall o Sodium is required by some but not all organisms Iron and Trace Metals o Iron is a key component of the cytochromes and iron-sulfur proteins involved in electron transport o Many other metals are required or utilized by microorganisms. These are called trace elements Growth Factors o Growth factors are organic compounds that are required in small amounts by
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BIMM 120 Lecture10_ReadingGuide.050311 - Lecture 10...

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