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BIPN102 M2 SP01 - BIPN 105 Midterm 2 Practice Problems...

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BIPN 105 Midterm 2 Practice Problems Practice Questions #3 1. You are doing a physiology experiment. You collect blood from the hepatic vein, and from a vein of abdominal adipose tissue, and measure changes in the concentration of certain carbohydrates or lipids after administration of glucagon. Indicate what substance do you expect to change the most in each of these veins, and in what direction, and briefly explain the mechanism of these changes. How would the reponse of skeletal muscle differ from that of the liver above? 2. A person has a tidal volume of 600 ml, respiratory frequency of 10/min, and dead space volume of 150 ml. Calculate minute ventilation and alveolar ventilation, and the changes when the individual breathes through a snorkel of 150 ml volume without changing frequency or tidal volume. How will the alveolar PO2 and PCO2 change (increase, decrease, no change)?. 3. a) Indicate whether in a normal individual gas exchange is limited by diffusion or by perfusion, and how one would determine this. b) Which three parameters of Fick's law can be altered by lung disease, and in which direction?. 4. A reclining individual has a uniform V/Q ratio throughout the lungs. Indicate the changes you expect to find when the subject stands up, and the physiological responses that compensate the changes in V/Q at the base and apex of the lungs. 5. In a physiology experiment, the compliance of lungs removed from animals is measured. Draw a graph, labelled with the appropriate units, of the expected results in: a) normal lungs; b) lungs that have been filled with isotonic saline solution; c) lungs that have been depleted of surfactant. Briefly explain the differences in the graphs. 6. Define Functional Residual Capacity (FRC). In a normal individual lying down, what are the
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BIPN102 M2 SP01 - BIPN 105 Midterm 2 Practice Problems...

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