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BIPN102 M1SP01 - BIPN 105 Midterm 1 Practice Problems...

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BIPN 105 Midterm 1 Practice Problems Practice Questions #1 1. Last year a man broke the Guinness World Record by "swallowing" 9 swords! Based on what you know about the structure of the esophagus, its sphincters and their innervation, and the mechanisms of deglutition, briefly explain the physiological basis of this "feat". i.e., how do you think he may have accomplished his now famous act. 2. Both the Parietal Cells of the stomach and the Duct Cells of the pancreas extrude H+ and HCO3-. Compare these processes in the two cell types by describing or drawing a diagram hat includes: a) the side of the cell (apical or basolateral) where the transport proteins are; b) the direction of ion movements and whether counterions also move (if so, which and in what direction); c) the energy source for H+ and HCO3- movements. 3. Secretin was the first hormone discovered. List a) the stimulus for its secretion, b) the location of cells that secrete it, c) its main stimulatory and main inhibitory effect, and d) the targets for these effects. 4. A mismatched couple (at least in their eating habits) goes out to dinner. She orders a salad without dressing and spaghetti without sauce. He orders the "all you can eat" special, which consists of a very large serving of BBQ pork ribs, very salty and spicy. For dessert he has a triple sundae with lots of whipped cream. Afterwards, they go to a movie. She feels hungry in
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BIPN102 M1SP01 - BIPN 105 Midterm 1 Practice Problems...

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