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SOCI 1 - Michael Yeh Discussion for Soc1 Arguments In The...

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Michael Yeh 10/3/11 Discussion for Soc1 Arguments In The Spirit of Capitalism , by Max Weber, Weber presents the relationship between religious ideals and values with the consequences and influences on conduct, more specifically, protestant religion and economic behavior. In Egoistic Suicide , by Emile Durkheim, Durkheim compares religion in Catholic and Protestant countries and their relationship to suicide rates, specifically in Protestant countries where suicide rates are high compared to in Catholic countries, where suicide is much lower. He associates these rates due to the nature of both religions; Protestantism has more freedom to religious thoughts (free inquiry) and is also less strongly integrated compared to the Catholic Church. Concepts: Protestant ethic: In the protestant ethic, they stress that one shouldn’t waste time and that one must work to gain money and to reinvest the money to make more. The main purpose of this all is to serve God. There are two doctrinal characteristics of the protestant ethic: 1.
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