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Michael Yeh 10-10-11 Week Two Arguments In The Communist Manifesto, Marx argues that an interest in only the self and an abuse of the working masses as exemplified by the bourgeoisie will inevitably lead to revolt by the proletariat due to the discord in the distribution of power. In Class, Status, Party, Weber describes the aforementioned cultural structures as institutions which only exist in relation one another, i.e. they are formed by the dictations of then current social order and consequently mold each other in a diffuse feedback loop. In Introduction: Social Class, Blair-loy introduces insights from future readings on the factors involved in defining and determining the striations of social class. In The American Dream of Meritocracy, Johnson elaborates on testimonial evidence that articulates the fundamental incongruities of the American social structure, where there is widespread belief and adherence to the ideals of meritocracy, but establishes it as a positive driving force for social enrichment.
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