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SOCI 1 Week 6

SOCI 1 Week 6 - Michael Yeh Week 6 Arguments In Still...

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Michael Yeh Week 6 Arguments In Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid , Kozol challenges notion of satiety of equality and calls for action against the looming threat of re-segregation. In Explaining and Eliminating Racial Profiling , Tomoskovic-Devey and Warren explain how bias is produced and the basis of discrimination through an analysis of racial stereotypes In Ambivalent Reception: Mass Public Responses to the “New” Latino Immigration to the United States , Cornelius explains the ambivalence of the American public with regard towards Latin American immigration with an analysis of ethno-cultural differences. In The Wall That Keeps Illegal Workers In , Massey attributes the perceived rise in Mexican immigration to the shift in the locality of immigration; recent policy has further and cyclically contributed to the presence of illegal immigrants from Mexico. In A Generation Gap Over Immigration , Cave describes the difference between generations’ apparent stance on immigration.
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