143A Exprmnt 2 Pre-lab

143A Exprmnt 2 Pre-lab - Name: _ Date: _01-19-2011_ TA...

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Name: _________________ Date: __01-19-2011 __ TA signature: _________________________ Experiment# : __2 _________ Chemicals to be Used Today: Unknown solid mixture MTBE 5% HCl 10% NaOH Equipment to be Used Today: Scale Separatory funnel Erlenmeyer flask Beaker Boiling stone Warm sand bath Fume hood Steps to Follow for this Part of the Experiment: Dissolve 300 mg of unknown solid mixture in 15 mL of MTBE in a separatory funnel. Label. Part 1: Isolation of the Amine 1) Extract the MTBE solution with 5 mL portions of 5% HCl. 2) Drain acidic aqueous layers into an Erlenmeyer flask. Label 3) Repeat 3 times. 4) Drain the remaining MTBE solution to a separate flask and save. 5) Add 10% NaOH to the aqueous acidic solution in a dropwise fashion until the pH tests basic with litmus paper. 6) Return the mixture to the separatory funnel and rinse with MTBE to dissolve any precipitate. 7) Add 5 mL of MTBE and extract the solution. Label. 8) Repeat 2 more times and consolidate the aqueous extract. Set aside.
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143A Exprmnt 2 Pre-lab - Name: _ Date: _01-19-2011_ TA...

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