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Name: _________________ Date: __02-14-2011 __ TA signature: _________________________ Experiment #: __5c_ _________ Chemicals to be Used Today: Unknown - n-Hexane - Cyclohexane - n-Heptane - n-Octane Diethyl Ether Equipment to be Used Today: GC GC Syringe Vials Procedure: Experiment V. Separation of an unknown two-component mixture by distillation and identification of the components by GC analysis. Part C: Gas chromatography and relative response factors. 1. Record the instrumentation parameters used for the analysis. 2. Analyze the "standard" or "known four-component mixture" by GC 3. Use the micro GC syringe to inject 1.0 µ L of the "standard mixture" into the injection port of the Gas Chromatograph. Rinse the syringe a couple of times with the standard mixture to be analyzed before each injection. 4. Press the start button of the plot recorder immediately after you inject. 5. Place the cap back on the standard. GC data analysis
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