143A Exprmnt 6 Pre-lab

143A Exprmnt 6 Pre-lab - Name: _ Date: _02-16-2011_ TA...

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Name: __________________ Date: __02-16-2011 __ TA signature: _________________________ Experiment #: __6_ _________ Chemicals to be Used Today: n-propyl acetate isobutyl acetate isopentyl acetate hexyl acetate n-octyl acetate benzyl acetate acetic acid sodium carbonate MTBE sodium sulfate methylene chloride Equipment to be Used Today: 5.0 mL conical vial magnetic spin vane reflux condenser calcium chloride drying tube sand bath thermometer pipette stir plate cotton sea sand silica gel Erlenmeyer flask boiling chip TLC capillary tube Melting capillary tube Glass bell Melting point apparatus IR instrument Salt plates (NaCl or KBr) Kimwipes Procedure: Part A: Procedure, reaction conditions, isolation and purification of the ester 1. Weigh 0.50mL of the "unknown alcohol" into a tared and dry 5.0 mL conical vial. 2. Place a magnetic spin vane in the conical vial and add 1.5 mL of glacial acetic acid. 3. Add one drop of concentrated sulfuric acid to the conical vial. 4. Connect a water-cooled reflux condenser with a calcium chloride drying tube to the conical vial. 5. Heat the conical vial using a hot sand bath to 160-180 °C. 6. Reflux for 1 hour. 7. Carefully remove the sand bath, clamp the conical vial 1.5 inches above the magnetic stir plate and allow the to cool (may use a room temperature water bath to cool more quickly). 8.
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143A Exprmnt 6 Pre-lab - Name: _ Date: _02-16-2011_ TA...

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