143A Exprmnt 7 Pre-lab

143A Exprmnt 7 Pre-lab - Name: _ Date: _02-27-2011_ TA...

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Name: __________________ Date: __02-27-2011________ TA signature: _________________________ Experiment #: __7_ _________ Chemicals to be Used Today: Thionyl Chloride DMF Methylene Chloride Ammonium Hydorxide Ethanol Sodium sulfate 3,5-dinitrobenzoyl chloride 2% Na2CO3 ethanol diethyl ether pyridine DI water 2,4-nitrophenylhydrazine reagent 10% HCl sodium acetate benzoyl chloride 10% NaOH 3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid Sulfuric Acid TBME 5% Na2CO3 Chromic acid Acetone Lucas reagent (HCl/ZnCl2) 1% FeCl3 Ethanol DI water DNP, H2SO4, H20, EtOH AgNo3 NaOH NH4OH 1-propanol dioxane Hydroxylamine Hydrochloric acid Ferric Chloride Sodium Hydroxide Copper sulfate solution Benzenesulfonyl chloride Equipment to be Used Today: Melting point apparatus TLC capillary tube MP capillary tube Glass bell Salt plates Forceps Kimwipes IR Instrument Test tube glass rod Sand bath Thermometer
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Experiment VII. Identification of an Unknown Organic Compound from Physical Properties, I. First record the physical state, the viscosity, and the color of the unknown. II. Determine the boiling point of the unknown. III. Obtain an IR spectrum. IV. Perform one positive chemical test and one negative chemical test. V. Prepare one derivative and purify. VI. Determine the melting point of the derivative. Procedure for Chemical Tests Jones oxidation test 1. Add one drop of unknown to a test tube 2. Add two drops of Jones reagent. 3.
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143A Exprmnt 7 Pre-lab - Name: _ Date: _02-27-2011_ TA...

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