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Exam 2 - 1 - I would use a human infant whos about 24...

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I would use a human infant who’s about 24 months years old. I would first place him on a bed in the middle of a room. A white rabbit toy is placed near him and he was allowed to play with it. At this point, the infant should not feel any fear towards the toy rabbit and start to play around with the toy rabbit. After three days, I will strike a suspended steel bar with a hammer when the baby touches the toy rabbit. In these occasions, the baby will feel fear. After about 10-20 pairing trials, the infant is presented with the toy rabbit only. Now, if he becomes very distressed as the baby rabbit appeared in the room and start crying and run away from the rat, which he should, then classical conditioning has occurred. The baby has associated the white toy rabbit with the loud noise and was producing the fearful or emotional response of fear and crying. In this case, unconditioned stimulus is the loud noise, and conditioned stimulus is the white rabbit and the fear response is both unconditioned
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