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Consider the statement “James Bond is a better example of a bachelor than the Pope.” Why is this statement not acceptable from the viewpoint of a person who believes in the classical theory of categorization? What are two types of probabilistic theories of categorization, and how do they account for the James Bond/Pope bachelor distinction better than the classical theory? According to the classical view, categories should be clearly defined, mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. This way, any entity of the given classification universe belongs unequivocally to one, and only one, of the proposed categories. The classical view claims that categories are discrete entities characterized by a set of properties which are shared by their members. Therefore the statement “James Bond is a better example of a bachelor than the Pope” would not be acceptable since there’s no “better” example of a bachelor. He’s either a bachelor or he’s not. The two types of probabilistic theories of categorizations are prototype theory and
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