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Geography 2051 January 23, 2012 Maps and grid system Problem 2D surface Map properties -direction -distance -area/relative to each other -shape *you can’t show both of these accurately on the same map. Types of Projections Planar/plane Conic Cylindrical Mercator is a type used for navigation. However, it is a big problem. Scale Verbal one inch = one mile Graphic 0______1______2______3 Fractional 1/62,500;1/633360
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Unformatted text preview: • Small scale vs. large scale 1/250,000 Written scale One inch equals four miles Representative fraction 1:250,000 or 1/250,000 162,500 1in=2000ft Map area(how many square miles) 4inches 8 inches a. 1inch=one mile 4inches *8miles 32 sq.miles b. 1inch = two miles 8inches *16miles 128 sq. miles c. 1inch=four miles 16inches *32miles 512 sq. miles...
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