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Geography 2051 friday notes

Geography 2051 friday notes - Contour lines 1 Line on map...

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Geography 2051 Notes What is Geography? To describe the earth Geography Approaches Systematic Regional Man-environment Region Arbitrary homogenous character(core) sphere of influence In terms of density, in terms of water the Mantle is 3.3 dense as water. Whereas the crust is 2.7. Key Terms to know North Pole Equator Angle of latitude International date line Prime Meridian measures through Greenwich, England.
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Unformatted text preview: Contour lines 1. Line on map that connects points of equal elevation 2. Contour interval 3. Interpolate 4. Bench marks On the map Contour interval is “10”. A map showing a bench mark scale on new map. 1 inch equals 12,000 feet. Slope 1. Shape 2. Gradient a. Ratio b. Percent c. Degrees Bearings Azimuth • All Bearings are North or South. Azimuth deals with compass zero degrees...
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