Physics Conclucion Lab #1

Physics Conclucion Lab #1 - Ari J Garcia TA Libin Varghese...

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Ari J Garcia TA: Libin Varghese Partner: David Tran 02/15/2012 Experiment Two: Uniformly Accelerated Motion Introduction: In consensus with Newton’s theory of gravitation, as long as an object is within the negligible altitude from the center of the earth, the object experiences a constant acceleration. The theory of gravitation as described by Newton gives an explanation to why an object on the earth tends to fall down even without any outside force applied to it. In this lab, the main objective for my partner and I is to determine whether or not an object does indeed experience a constant acceleration throughout its pathway on the inclined air track. In order to achieve this task, we will glide a cart down a slightly inclined air track, so that the object goes down only due to the gravitational force. We will also then need to find the theoretical acceleration using the height of the block and the length between the legs of the track to find the angle, then use a=g*sin (theta) to solve for acceleration. Then we need to finally plot V2 vs. T to see if the data points fall on a straight line (that is, acceleration is constant). Conclusion:
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Physics Conclucion Lab #1 - Ari J Garcia TA Libin Varghese...

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