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Facebook CEO

Facebook CEO - -half a billion people give their personal...

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Facebook CEO (60 seconds) -Hacker = (engineer) 500 hackers aka engineer working for facebook -Hackathon -Bio information in the top of your/friends profile -100 million photo a day -facebook employees are timed from project to project -history relationship -more graphic -how facebook protect your account (advertisement) -like on sites or items -apps share info to business. -ftc, congress, government is monitoring facebook -270 million facebook users are currently using facebook on their cell phone -facebook vs google+ (search engine) -more time on from google into facebook
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Unformatted text preview: -half a billion people give their personal information-Mark Zuckerberg took the whole company (staff) to watch "the social network"-people follow Mark Zuckerberg story to heart because of false statement the film makes.-Some students switch their majors to math, computer science because of the film-student paper "The facebook"-65 million dollar-4 years ago articles called Mark a toddler CEO (done a great job)-Mark Zuckerberg was happy that he didn't made the mistake from selling facebook to yahoo...
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