ABC PAPER 2 - are intelligent when their stories fit with...

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Joy Randle WIEF 10/23/2011 ABC Paper #4 Text References 1. Page 17- apply to college or adversity? 2. Page 19- why racist are so stubborn 3. Page 20- Donald Trump vs president Obama birth certificate 4. Page 26- Hate crimes and bullying in young children 5. Page 33-Moral Thought Process 6. Page 37-The experiment movie 7. Page 38-Zull 8. Page 50-Medical risks and treatments 9. Page 56- Prejudice conditioning Mistakes Were Made (but not by me) “Our convictions about who we are carry us through the day, and we are constantly interpreting the things that happen to us through the filter of those core beliefs. When they are violated even by a good experience, it causes us discomfort.” Tavris and Aronson combined views from one of my articles as well as a few readings we have been reading n class. Zull stated that “We judge people by their stories, and we decide they
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Unformatted text preview: are intelligent when their stories fit with our own. Rogoff mentioned Using ones own perspective and assuming that others do the same. I believe all these authors are giving examples of how we as human beings live by our moral judgments. Our brains are forever making connections in everything we do, see, and hear. It is all based on inexperience and experiences. This is how we create our own categories and stereotypes. The authors seem to argue that our moral judgment is the product of emotional and non-rational processes. Tavris and Aronson explain that in this process of moral judgment that emotions and reasoning both are involved, but automatic emotional processes tend to overpower reasoning. Hence the words discomfort an emotional feeling....
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ABC PAPER 2 - are intelligent when their stories fit with...

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