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Unformatted text preview: Joy Randle WIEF 10/28/2011 Annotated Bibliography 1) Taylor, T.J. (2011). Language development and the integrationist. Language Science. 2) Talbot insists that we refocus our attention when it comes to language development. The impulsive character of the child’s experience in language is relative to attainment of abstract items of linguistic knowledge. Talbot suggests that language development in children is both innate and with the influence of cognitive interaction that children are capable to acquire the kind of language development that fits their socio-interactional environment. By looking more closely at the child’s experience of ability and the growth of the ability to participate in language practices we find out what language becomes for the child. It is important to look at the complete nature of the child’s developing linguistic knowledge. He says that most linguistic theorist look only at the big picture of language development in children which is genetic endowment unique...
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