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Unformatted text preview: Joy Randle WIEF 11/14/2011 Annotated Bibliography #4 Mayberry, R.I., Nicoladis, E. (2000). Gesture Reflects Language Development: Evidence From Bilingual Children. American Psychological Society: Current Directions in Psychological Science. Vol. Num. 6. 192-196. Summary: This article was on the reporting of the investigation of the relationship between gesture and language development in bilingual children from two to three and a half year olds. Some researchers suggest that gesture is independent of speech. But there are mass amounts of evidence that gesture and language are entangled in the expressions used by adults. They looked at how each of the children use gestures in the languages they were fluent in which was English and French. Their research found that rather than being independent, gesture and language development are related. The importance of this research was to prove that language was not too limited to what people speak or the use of vocal auditory pathways but that it requires the body;...
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