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Joy Randle WIEF 11/30/2011 Annotated Bibliography #5 Pellegrini, A. D. (1980). The Relationship between Kindergarteners' Play and Achievement in Prereading, Language, and Writing. Psychology in the Schools. (17).530-535. Summary: This article examined relationships contributing to the achievement of kindergartener’s levels of pre-reading, language and writing when it came to tests. Play was one of the major concepts that were looked at in this four week study. It was observed and ranked according to certain categories on how the subjects’ word-writing fluency had developed according to their play. The test revealed that play was a significant source of success in all the looked at achievement. Dramatic play had the most impact on the group of 65 kindergartners. This helped to give evidence to their hypothesis that one’s ability to play would determine their success in reading and language achievement. The test showed that different levels of play such as functional, constructive, socio-dramatic are related to different levels of achievement. Functional
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