Midterm Test Review - Speech Midterm Chapter 1...

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February 21, 2012 Speech Midterm Chapter 1: Communication : the deliberate or accidental transfer of meaning. Intrapersonal communication : communication with the self Interpersonal communication : the relationship level of communication Group communication : interaction with limited number of persons Public communication : communication designed to inform, persuade, or entertain audience members Mass Communication : the transmission of messages that may be processed by gatekeepers prior to being sent to large audiences via a channel of broad diffusion. Online, or machine-assisted communication : the building of relationships using computers and the Internet. Essentials of communication : those components present during every communication event Senders : persons who formulate, encode, and transmit a message. Receivers : persons who receive, decode, and interpret a message Message : the content of a communicative act Channels : media through which messages are sent Noise : anything that interferes with or distorts the ability to send and receive messages Feedback : information returned to a message source Positive feedback : a behavior- enhancing response Negative feedback : a response that extinguishes behavior in progress Communication is unrepeatable and Irreversible Chapter 2: Intercultural Communication: interaction with individuals from different cultures Interracial Communication : the interpreting and sharing of meanings with individuals from different races Interethnic Communication : interaction with individuals of different ethnic origins
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Midterm Test Review - Speech Midterm Chapter 1...

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