Assessments 4-8 - 1. The sudden shifts between loud and...

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The sudden shifts between loud and soft dynamics common in Baroque Music is called what? TERRACED DYNAMICS 2. The three phases of the Baroque Musical Style Period and their corresponding date ranges? EARLY 1600- 1640, MIDDLE 1640-1690, LATE 1690-1750 3. A piece of music that sounds independent and complete but is part of a larger piece? MOVEMENT 4. The seven voice categories of opera? LYRIC TENOR, LYRIC SOPRANO, DRAMATIC TENOR, DRAMATIC SOPRANO, COLORATURA SOPRANO, BASSO BUFFO, BASSO PROFUNDO 5. A type of Baroque music in the Baroque Period in which a small group of soloist is pitted against a larger group called the tutti. CONCERTO GROSSO 6. Baroque musical form in which the tutti plays a refrain alternating with a group of soloists? RITORNELLO FORM 7. A polyphonic piece based on a main theme called the subject? FUGUE 8. The second presentation of the subject a fifth higher than the first presentation is called what? ANSWER 9. A melodic idea that accompanies the subject constantly either above or below it? COUNTERSUBJECT 10. Transitional sections between presentations of the subject are called what? EPISODES 11. What are the two common musical procedures found in most fugues?PEDAL POINT AND STRETTO 12. A short introduction to a fugue is called what? PRELUDE 13. A drama that is sung to orchestral accompaniment and includes dances, scenery, and costumes? OPERA 14. A song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment in an opera? ARIA 15. A vocal line that imitates the rhythms and pitch fluctuations of natural speech in an opera? RECITATIVE 16. When three or more singers in an opera sing together, the composition is called what? ENSEMBLE
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Assessments 4-8 - 1. The sudden shifts between loud and...

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