Assessments 1-3 - Assessment 1 1. -is the relative highness...

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Assessment 1 1. ---is the relative highness or lowness of sound. PITCH 2. ---is a sound that has a definite pitch. TONE NOTE 3. ---is the distance in pitch between any two notes. INTERVAL 4. ---is the distance between the highest tone and the lowest tone a given instrument or voice can produce. RANGE PITCH RANGE 5. ---is the degree of loudness or softness in music. DYNAMIC 6. ---is emphasizing a tone by playing it more loudly than the notes around it. ACCENT DYNAMIC ACCENT 7. ---is the regular recurrent pulsation that divides music into equal units of time. BEAT 8. ---is the particular arrangement of note lengths in a piece of music. RHYTHM 9. Is the organization of beats in regular groups. METER 10. ---is a group containing a fixed number of beats. MEASURE BAR 11. ---is the first or stressed beat of a measure. DOWNBEAT 12. ---is the accenting of a note at an unexpected place such as a normally weak beat or rin between beats. SYNCOPATION 13. ---is the basic pace or speed of the beats within a given piece of music. TEMPO 14. ---is a part of the total range of an instrument or voice. REGISTER 15. ---is the quality of sound that distinguishes one instrument or voice from another. TONE COLOR, TIMBRE, TONE QUALITY, TONE 16. What are the three categories of women’s voices? SOPRANO, ALTO, MEZZO- SOPRANO. 17. What are the three categories of men’s voices? TENOR BARITONE BASS 18. What are the six general classifications of musical instruments? STRING WOODWIND BRASS KEYBOARD ELECTRONIC PERCUSSION 19. Name four definite pitch percussion instruments. TIMPANI KETTLEDRUM GLOCKENSPIEL XYLOPHONE CELESTA CHIME BELL
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20. Name four indefinite pitch percussion instruments. SNARE DRUM SIDE DRUM BASS DRUM TAMBOURINE 21. Name three most well-known keyboard instruments. PIANO HARPSICHORD PIPE ORGAN ACCORDION 22. Name the four brass instruments normally found in a symphony orchestra. TRUMPET HORN TROMBONE TUBA. 23. Name the four primary instruments sin the string section of a symphony orchestra.
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Assessments 1-3 - Assessment 1 1. -is the relative highness...

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