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Return to: UCA Financial Aid Office, 201 Donaghey Avenue, 001 McCastlain Hall, Conway, AR 72035 FAX: 501-450-5159 Phone: 501-450-3140 R ELEASE OF S TUDENT I NFORMATION A UTHORIZATION F ORM (RIA) (Act 605 of 2009 ) A student who receives any form of state-supported student financial assistance, as defined by Act 605 of 2009, must sign this form indicating whether he/she authorizes the Department of Higher Education and/or the University of Central Arkansas to release his/her individual personal information listed below to the Bureau of Legislative Research. (If a student is under the age of eighteen years old and is not legally emancipated, a parent or legal guardian shall complete and sign the authorization form.) For each student who authorizes the release of his/her individual personal information, the Bureau of Legislative Research will receive the following information: 1. A unique student identifier; 2. Status for Federal Pell grant; 3. Postsecondary grade point average; 4. Number of semester hours attempted;
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