Week 6 - Week 6 15.3 Genetic code - 3 base code: triplet...

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Week 6 15.3 Genetic code - 3 base code: triplet code - 3 bases that specify a particular amino acid is called a codon - RNA based, so with Uracil - Genetic code is nearly universal 16.1 - Halo enzyme: RNA Polymerase and Sigma - Binding sites: promoters, where transcription begins - -10 box, 10 bases upstream of +1 site, - 35 bases upstream from the +1 is the -35 box - RNA polymerase moves in the 3’ to 5’ on the template starnd synthesizing 5’ – 3’ - Page 345 - Transcription ends when a termination signal results in the formation of a hairpin in the mRNA . - 1. Initiation begin when sigma binds to promoter of DNA - 2. Transcription begins when sigma opens DNA helix - 3. Sigma releases, mRNA synthesis continues - 4. RNA polymerase reaches trans term signal that forms a hairpin in RNA - 5. RNA strand separes from RNA polymerase. 16.1,16.3-16.5 Erased - Transcription and Translation occur simultaneously in bacteria - RNA transcribes while Ribosomes translate at the same time. - Wobble hypothesis: Inside the ribosome, tRNAs with nonstandard base pairing at the third position of the codon can still bind successfully to an anticodon, as long as it does not change the amino acid for which the codon codes. - How Amino acids are leaded into tRNAs o Active site on aminoacyl tRNA synthetase binds ATP and an amino acid. o
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Week 6 - Week 6 15.3 Genetic code - 3 base code: triplet...

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