Week 4 - Week 4 sections 3.1-3.5 4.1-4.3 What do proteins...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 4: sections 3.1-3.5, 4.1-4.3 What do proteins do?- Defense. Proteins called antibodies and complement proteins attack and destroy viruses and bacteria that cause disease- Movement. Motor proteins and contractile proteins are responsible for moving the cell- Catalysis- Signalling- Structure- Transport Amino acids and Polymerization:- In every amino acid, a carbon atom is linked to a hydrogen atom , an amini group a carboxyl group and a R group- Amino acids link together to form proteins, nucleotides attach to one another to form nucleic acid, and single sugars connect to form complex carbohydrates.- Monomers polymerise through condensation reactions aka dehydration reactions, Hydrolysis: water in, monomer out. - The polypeptide babckbone , side chains present in each residue extend from it, it has directionality and it is flexible.- Oligeopeptide fewer than 50 or more amino acid- 50 or more amino acids are called proteins- Proteins can serve diverse functions in cells because they are diverse sizes and shape as...
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