Bi121_221 Study Tips MT_2 Spring 2012

Bi121_221 Study Tips MT_2 Spring 2012 - Punnett...

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6 March 2012, Time 1 hour STUDY TIPS BIOL. 121-221: MID-TERM EXAM #2 Exam covers mitosis, meiosis & genetics topics up to Tue. 28 Feb. 7 pages & 21 questions (+cover page) 12 multiple-choice questions The rest of the questions are short answer Know meiosis & ploidy Review DNA structure and replication Know how to convert a written description of a genetics cross into gene/allele notation and how to use a
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Unformatted text preview: Punnett square (either the old square or new diamond version!) Know how to read a pedigree for human genetic disorders Know how to recognize both autosomal and sex-linkage, and analyze cross-over data Know your Mendelian ratios for 1 and 2 gene crosses, including a test-cross Review the 3 major life-history types Read the epigenetics papers...
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