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Chapter 11 – Mitosis Finish + Do ch 12., (ch 4, 14, 15, 16) 11.1 Mitosis and the Cell Cycle Chromosomes exists of single long stranded DNA double helix strands Prior to mitosis each chromosome is copied First Gap -> DNA synthesis -> Second Gap -> Mitosis 11.2 How does Mitosis take place? Histones: eukaryotic chromosomes normally exist as extremely long, threadlike, strands consisting of DNA associated with globular proteins Chromatid: replicated chromosome Sister chromatids represent exact copies of the same genetic information. Each chromatid contains one long DNA double helix. At the start of the M phase, then, each chromosome consist of 2 sister chromatids that are attached to one another at the centromere. Prophase: Mitosis begins with the new events of prophase. The chromosomes have already replicated, formation of mitotic spindle. Prometaphase: nucleolus disappears and nucleur envelope fragments, Spindle fibres
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Unformatted text preview: contact chromosomes at kinectochore • Metaphase: Chromosomes complete migration to middle. • Anaphase: Sister chromatids separate. Chromosomes are pulled to opposite poles of the cell. • TeloPhase: The nucleur envelope re-forms and the spindle apparatus disintegrates. • Cytokinesis: Cell division begins:Actinmyosin ring causes the plasma membrane to begin pinching in. • Chromosome: a Structure composed of a DNA molecule and associated proteins • Chromotin: The Material that makes up eukaryotic chromosomes, consists of DNA molecule complexed with histone proteins • Chromotid: one strand of replicated chromosome with its proteins • Centromere: The structure that joins sister chromatids • Kinectochore: The structure on sister chromatids where spindle fibres attach •...
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