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3.Chapter 52- Population Structure and Dynamics

3.Chapter 52- Population Structure and Dynamics - Chapter...

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Chapter 52: Population Structure and Dynamics A population is a group of individuals of the same species that live in the same area at the same time. Population ecology: The study if how and why the number of individuals in a population change over time. Camoflauge, mimicry, behavioral technique aspects – ie school of fish 52.1 Demography Immigration: when individuals enter a population from another one Emigration: which occurs when individuals leave one pop for another Birth/Death rate are also apart of demography Generation: the average time between a mother’s forst offspring amd her daughters first off spring Life Tables summarize the probability that an individual will survive and reproduce in any given interval of its life. Survivorship curve: log of number of survivors vs age Type 1: High survivorship during most of life, species tend to go towards maximum life span and then survivorship abrubtly drops ate really high age, ex humans Type 2 Survivorship is steady the whole life span, constant mortality, ex: songbirds Type 3: Low survivorship when organism is young but survivorship becomes high as age increases. Ex plants.
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