MT1 review cue cards - 1. First Prokaryots, Oxidation,...

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First Prokaryots, Oxidation, First Eukaryotes, Cambrian Radiation, Origin of land plants, Flowering plants existence, Dinosaurs existence, Dinosaurs extinction, Glacation/Homosapien appearance 2. How did the great oxidation event happen? a. Stromalites deposited calcium and carbonate structure 3. What are the four main levels of Ecology a. Organismal, Population, Community, Ecosystem 4. Hackel used ecology? a. Interlation of organisms 5. Definition of Ecology? a. Interactions that determine the abundance and distribution of organisms 6. What are 2 main points of Ecology? a. Abundance and Distribution 7. 4 Features of abundance? a. Density Size, Patterns of Growth, mortality/natality, age distributions 8. Organismal Ecology: a. How organisms respond to a particular stimuli from the environment 9. Community and Community Ecology: a. Community: Species that interact with one another in a specific area b. Community Ecology: Interactions between species and the nature of these interactions 10. Ecosystem and Ecosystem Ecology: a. Is all the organism in a particular area along with the non-living components such as biotic and abiotic conditions. 11. Biotic and Abiotic Factos: a. Biotic Factos are living produced by a living organism b. Abiotic Factors are non-living such as: wind water and sun 12. What are the 4 levels of dispersion that affect distribution and what are they? a. Dispersal ability b. Interactions w/ other organisms and abiotic factors c. History – sometimes d. Behavior 13. Demography: a. Study of factors that determine size/ structure of a population 14. 4 factors that affect # of individuals in a population: a. Death b. Birth c. Immigration d. Emmigration 15. Emigration: a. When individuals leave population to join other populations 16. Survivorship: a. The proportion of offsprings produces that survive to a particular age. 17. Mark recapture method:
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MT1 review cue cards - 1. First Prokaryots, Oxidation,...

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