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First-Year Engineering Design Your Career Project Game – Alpha Prototype Grading Rubric Observed Team # and Game Name___________________________ Name of Players with Team Numbers________________________ The following deliverables are required: 1. Physical game with all required parts necessary for playing / Screen shoots for computer games 2. Moveable storage container that can be used to house all game parts / Binder or folder that houses screen shoots for computer games 3. Written Instructions 4. Supplemental Document that includes: a) Problem Statement; b) table showing which customer needs are satisfied by current alpha prototype and which customer need are not; and c) follow-up statements that describe how the customer needs that are not currently met can be satisfied in future prototype. Evaluation Procedure: Set-Up: 5 minutes will be allotted for teams to set-up game at their respective team tables. Play Time: Following set-up, teams will have a maximum of 30 minutes to demonstrate that their game can be played Category Specifications
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