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Preview Questions (lecture 5) - Lecture 5 I am what I eat...

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Lecture 5: I am what I eat: Nutrition. You do NOT have to know any chemical formulas. I would like you to know who Robert Koch and Joseph Goldberger are. Questions you should be able to answer after today’s lecture. 1. Describe how nutrition is studied. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various kinds of nutritional studies? a. Case-Controlled Studies- compare diets of diseased and healthy people b. Metabolic Studies- few volunteers eat food for a shot period of time and physiological changes like blood pressure are measured. c. Cohort Studies-Questionnaires are correlated over many years d. Randomized Controlled trials- the standard in nutrition research. 2. What is a “reverence for life”? a. In order to eat we must kill. 3. What is the Body Mass Index? Why is it important? Calculate YOUR BMI. a. Because next to smoking obesity is the next leading cause of disease. 4. Describe the discovery of vitamin C. Which disease is preventable by eating foods with sufficient vitamin C? a.
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Preview Questions (lecture 5) - Lecture 5 I am what I eat...

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