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Practice Midterm Answers - BIOLOGY 113 PRACTICE MIDTERM...

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1 BIOLOGY 113 PRACTICE MIDTERM EXAM Winter 2012 1) The concept that biochemical reactions were enclosed in lipid vesicles before genetic material was incorporated is called ______________. A. primordial soup. B. metabolism first. C. reducing atmosphere hypothesis. D. homeostasis. E. systems biology. 2) The Murchison meteorite is evidence for which hypothesis for the origin of the primordial soup A. reducing atmosphere hypothesis B. panspermia hypothesis C. exobiology hypothesis D. deep sea vent hypothesis E. universal life hypothesis 3) Which of the following is likely NOT a common feature shared among all living organisms? A. All living organisms use energy. B. All living organisms maintain organization. C. All living organisms have evolved over the course of many generations. D. All living organisms maintain some level of homeostasis. E. All living organisms have mitochondria. 4) Prokaryotes A. lack subcellular organelles. B. lack true DNA. C. use the cell membrane rather than ribosomes for making proteins. D. contain numerous organelles. E. are a unique Kingdom of life. 5) Which of the statements about the synthesis of polypeptides (proteins) is INCORRECT? A. Translation is the process of protein synthesis. B. Proteins are synthesized in the cytosol. C. The synthesis of proteins is a catabolic process. D. The synthesis of proteins requires ribosomes. E. Proteins are synthesized from mRNA template.
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2 6) Which cytoskeletal structures represent a highly diverse group of tension-bearing fibers important to the maintenance of cell shape? A. microtubules B. intermediate filaments C. microfilaments D. centrioles E. pili 7) The early Earth atmosphere is thought to have lacked significant amounts of which of the following gases? A. N 2 B. O 2 C. CO 2 D. H 2 O 8) Miller and Urey set up an experiment that tested if A. the early atmosphere contained oxygen gas. B. prebiotic synthesis of organic molecules is possible. C. mitochondria could have evolved from symbiosis. D. the earliest life forms were prokaryotic or eukaryotic. 9) The best example of a “Top Down” approach to synthesis of life would be _____. A. Mix NH3, CO2, H2O and CH4 in a flask and send a spark of electricity
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Practice Midterm Answers - BIOLOGY 113 PRACTICE MIDTERM...

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